May 30, 2014

Enterprise budget for bench-top production of salad greens

Have you wondered if you could grow salad greens in the fall, winter and spring like I did? Is it possible or profitable? 

Using the enterprise budget we've put together you can start to figure it out! An enterprise budget estimates the profitability of an agricultural enterprise. They document all the steps, resources, management practices and technologies used to grow a crop. This enterprise budget is built using all the data collected from the past few years of salad green production. It will help determine if you have all the resources needed to grow salad greens, the growing period of greens as the seasons change, and potential yields. It's important to note that this is an educational tool to be used for planning. We've given users the ability to customize many aspects of the budget to reflect their own growing spaces. 

This budget is built using Microsoft Excel. When opening the file make sure to 'enable macros.' You can download the enterprise budget here.