January 15, 2012

Germination trials: planting

From the comfy, warm brightness at my desk planting the first set of seeds for the germination trials seems like a distant nightmare.  If it had been just cold or just dark or only the left side of my head was hurting I would have been fine.  As it was all three nearly caused me to give and I did not take any pictures.  t picture dark soil in a dark pot at night?

If you remember the three species we are using for the germination trials are spinach, lettuce and mizuna because they are representative slow, middle and fast germinators.  Each treatment (low tunnel or heat mat) had six sets of 48 seeds for each species.  Confused?  I made a diagram: 

Pretend each of these color filled rectangles is a 72 celled flat.  They are pretty standard plug trays for starting seeds.  Each tray is divided into three sections:  green for lettuce, orange for spinach and blue for mizuna.  In theory we put two seeds per cell, so 48 per species per tray.  In actually I doubt that really happened.  If you have ever seed lettuce seeds you will know just how small they are and how they tend to stick together.  Trying to dig them back out of soil after you drop them always is fruitless.  In a week or so we will see how many seeds were really planted.

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