March 12, 2012

Farmers markets and direct sales

Yesterday I was pointed in the direction of a really cool website.  The Food Environment Atlas is another USDA project that is full of interesting information (you should really visit it!).  So, this week I'm going to look at a little bit of the vast amount of information published.  Today, because it is Monday and the first day of spring break, I'll start with a few that are cheerful.

I love this map showing the number of farmers markets in 2010 because it illustrates how plant biologists count.   The dark green areas have lots of farmers markets- somewhere between 4 and 102!

This map showing the number of farms with direct sales [to the consumer] shows a similar trend as the first one.  Places where there are a lot of direct farm sales also have a lot of farmers markets.  As with many maps like this I want to know more - how is the population distributed?  what about price differences?

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