February 1, 2013

First spinach seedlings of the new year!

I was going to write about growing degree days, but who wants to read about that on a Friday?  Plus, the spinach I planted ten days ago is sprouting!  After the trama last fall seeing these new spinach plants has cheered me right up.  So has this little guy:

Last week I knocked over some lettuce seeds into a tray.  They were too wet and dirty to plant with the vacuum seeder, so I stuffed them in a little pot. 


  1. And now that February's here, everything should start responding to the days getting longer! I container-planted my cilantro and dill like your lettuce, and they ended up resembling chia pets...

    1. Chia pets! - I couldn't remember their name. I think think my lettuce chia pet needs some google-y eyes. I planted dill in a container last year and it was just amazing. I've already planted a few seeds just to see what happens, but so far they haven't even sprouted. I can't really blame them.