April 1, 2013

Releasing ladybugs!

In the past few weeks I've been working on part three of my attack on the aphids byt releasing ladybugs and parasitic wasps in the greenhouses.  It has been fun!

The ladybugs come from A-1 Unique Insect Control.  They came in a loosely woven cotton bag and were kept in a fridge prior to release.  I sprinkled them over the greens concentrating on areas that I knew had lots of aphids.  Once they warmed up the ladybugs became very active and few all over the place (even up my pants!).

Ladybugs are aphid eating machines, supposedly. I've tried really hard, but have yet to see any I've released actually eating an aphid.  The aphid population has decreased, so they must be doing something.  Eventually they settled down and then seem to spend all their time in warm spots.  Like the edges of trays or the sunny side of the greenhouse.

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