April 23, 2013

Where have I been?

It has been awfully quiet in the wintergreens blog world recently.  First, because I was sick and then because I was busy catching up on everything I put off while being sick.  
Last week I helped with the planting of a school garden.  Over the course of a day a few hundred kids trooping in and out of the garden to plant lettuce, spinach and tatsoi.    In the picture rows or greens are marked with string and the tatsoi beds are hidden under row cover.  I was chuffed that the greens planted followed the same pattern as the greens I primarily study: a lettuce, a spinach and a brassica.  The kids remembered eating lettuce and spinach in previous years, but not tatsoi.  The day was fun, but rather exhausting.  I forgot what it was like to work with kids.  I also forgot to put on sunscreen.
The daffodils are finally blooming in New Hampshire, and the growing season is about to being for most gardeners.  The beginning of the outdoor growing season means the end of the indoor wintergreens season is quickly approaching.  Last week was the last big harvest of greens.  Yesterday I took my last leaf length and harvest weight measurements.  The greenhouses are emptying rapidly.  Soon I will be spending most of my time on the computer crunching numbers.

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