June 11, 2012

Home made green pasta

Last week I went to a pasta making class.  It was really fun, and I discovered that hand shaping pasta is pretty easy.  Of course, when I tried doing it at home I put in some greens to make green pasta!  I have lots of pureed mustard greens in the freezer.  I defrosted some and added it to the flour and water right at the beginning of dough making.

I have very little pasta making experience, but my green pasta seemed to work really well.  I cut it into short strips because I was doing it by myself and was lazy.  Topped with pesto it was a pretty good lunch (and dinner)!


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    1. Thank you! I haven't made pasta again because it's been so hot. I've been drinking wine (and not recycling the bottles) so I'll be able to make mexican hats next time.