June 14, 2012

A really cool thing: Basil rooting

A few weeks ago in my post about basil I mentioned basil could be 
propagated by cutting (aka if you put basil in water like cut flowers 
magically roots will appear).   I stuck a few of the harvested basil stalks  
in a cup of water and left it on my windowsill.

Two days ago I said "Nothing is happening!  We should just eat this basil."  
I stuck the cup in the kitchen so I would remember to use it. 

As I groggily put the kettle on this morning I saw that magic had happened - 
little roots had burst out!  (At 6:30 this morning I was the only one actually excited about this.)

Look at them all!  What a relief that we had fish for dinner last night and not pasta.  
All the basil we planted in our tiny garden is not very happy because 
it has been so cold and rainy.  Hopefully, these will be their replacements in a few weeks.

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