June 26, 2012

A few things I've learned this week

I have spent much of the past week writing and organizing for next fall.  So, things are happening, but I don't have anything exciting to show for it.  (I don't think you'll find eleven pages of scientific writing as exciting as I do.)

In gathering together notes and papers I've been collecting for the past year I've come across some cool facts about food, and food culture.

#1.  Spinach is my all time favorite green.  Harvesting it is a labor of love because each leaf has to be cut individually.  But, it will grow, as in make new leaves, at only 40 degrees and those leaves will be 2 brix degrees of sweetness higher.  What is a brix degree you ask?  The grams of sugar dissolved in 100g of solution.  I don't really know how much a gram of sugar is or how the brix scale actually works, but I do know that winter grown spinach is noticeably sweeter.  Some that I grew last winter was like candy it was so sweet and that is a good thing.

#2.  The average person spends $20 at a farmers market.  Hopefully this is not the only thing at which I am above average.

#3. During winter months much of the produce consumed in the United States is grown in Arizona or California and transported to consumers via truck.  In a Michigan study, locally grown winter salad greens grown in low and high tunnels use less energy to produce than greens imported from warmer climates.  

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  1. Beautiful pics! And thanks for sharing #3, I love having the link to the study, this is so important as winter growing increases to make sure we're netting energy savings overall.

    1. Thanks! The first picture is one of my favorites so you might see it again in the future. . .