October 1, 2012

a few microgreens

I think microgreens are silly.  There, I said it.  I realize they are oh-so-cute and are supposed to be really healthy but I wouldn't buy them.  Partly because they are super expensive and partly because they are so small you don't get any real leaves (only cotyledons are harvested for most micros.) Don't know what the botany jargon means?  See here.

 Since my reasons for not liking microgreens have no real solid basis I happily eat ones I grow myself.  I sowed these greens a bit over a week ago when I realized I hadn't actually planted anything in a tray for the growth rate project.  So I stuck in some old seeds from my collection to see if they were still viable.  

Tokyo bekana is in the back of the above photo.  It is a great microgreen because it grows fast and has big heavy cotyledons.  In the middle is a mix of brassicas that came from leaking seed packages and pooled at the bottom of my seed box.  In front are bulls blood beets.  They are ever so pretty and tender.  Varieties like ruby streaks that can be a bit spicy seem to have an extra zing to them.  Of course this may be due to the warm weather.   Tonight we're having a $24 salad for dinner!

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