October 3, 2012

Growth rate observations - problems

Not all things are happy and cute (like microgreens) in the greenhouse.  Here are some of the problems I've observed in the past few weeks.  In the picture above the lettuce is substantially smaller than other lettuce planted in the tray next to it (you can't actually see that from the picture, you'll just have to take my word for it).  The spinach germinated very poorly.  Look at all that dirt!  Since I use the vacuum seeder to plant I know there should be more spinach growing.

Next up, curly spinach leaves.  The leaves were also curling from the edges in, making them look like long, skinny green scrolls.  Who wants to eat that?  Potentially, it was due to the very, very low light levels this weekend.  See how long and stretched the mizuna seedlings are below?    That's also due to low light levels.  None of the plants are hurt.  Since there was a bit of sun in the past few days the spinach leaves have uncurled.

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