November 7, 2012

Salad of the week

  Red violet pac choi is my favorite of the many pac choi's I'm growing.  The round, red-veined leaves are just so pretty!  I haven't been able to take a photo of it that really does it justice yet.

This salad mix has another red-veined green in it.  So far, the red russian kale I'm growing hasn't gotten very red.  Maybe because it hasn't been very cold?  I'm growing some in my garden (because I really need more greens in my life) and it is plenty red.

Arugula adds some zing to the salad and komastuna is just crunchy and kind of sweet.  I would put pears and pomegranate seeds in too, but I would put them in every salad so there isn't anything really special about the combination of this salad mix and those fruits.

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