November 19, 2012

vitamin green or vitaminna?

Vitamin green is the number one thing people are searching for when they find this blog.  When I found another green that had 'vitamin' it's in name I knew I had to try it out.  Can a tell a difference?  Nope.  Do I really know if they are the same variety? Not at all.

Perhaps vitamin green leaves are rounder than vitaminna.  
They both are mild tasting brassicas that I would use interchangeably.     


  1. Hey Claire, sorry to not have had a chance to say hello at last weekend's WFM! I often run across the same thing -- a plant with different names, but similar enough to be interchangeable. I don't know too much about it but am wondering if it has to do with marketing/licensing/patents...

    1. Hi! I never thought about licensing of seeds before, but it makes sense. Perhaps when I'm a bit less busy I'll send Johnny's and Kitazawa an email asking them. I'm going to try to volunteer at all the markets this winter. It was really nice getting to know the farmers and helping them. I'm still a bit sore from lifting boxes of carrots and potatoes!