February 28, 2012

Comparing growth post germination

These seeds were all planted on the 13th of January, so the seedlings are now 42 days old.  I tried to pick a good representative tray from each of the treatments  to take a picture of.  A few of the observations that can be made I've written about before, including: lettuce pigmentation and the different germination rates of each species

From these pictures it seems like the plastic with holes had the most uniform lettuce growth.  Since I haven't actually been looking at growth rate, I can't demonstratively say that.  But, the plastic with holes lettuces seem to have mostly sprouted and are of similar size compared to the white or clear plastic.  The spinach seedlings seem to be the most consistant species between the six treatments.  The mizuna seems long and leggy in the plastic treatments and shorter in the others.

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