February 21, 2012

Greenhouse temperature

Today is graph day!

This week I have been thinking about temperatures.  If you remember back to when I set up the temperature probes there would be thousands of temperature readings.  All that data in a giant, overwhelming spreadsheet taunting me because I am not so sure how to use it all.  While figuring that out I've been looking at just a few days at a time.  Kind of like snapshots.

The greenhouse temperature itself is a good place to start. 

Soil temperature in control treatments.
I realized after I made the above chart that I had used soil temperature data instead of air temperature.  See what having oodles of numbers in a huge spreadsheet does to me?

Below I graphed soil and air temperatures together.  You can see the treads I highlighted in the soil temperature graph can also be seen in the air.  The major difference is air temperatures are much more volatile.  They seem to jump up or down a few degrees each hour.  This could be due to cloud cover, or air movement from the fans.

Soil and air temperatures in control treatment.

*  This data represents five days in the greenhouse I am working in.  
Other greenhouses or high tunnels may have similar temperature trends but they will not be identical.  *

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