February 22, 2012

One week of growth

Although I have finished data collection for the germination trials, I have been observing the sprouted seeds as they grow.

Lettuce from white plastic, plastic with holes and clear plastic low tunnel coverings.

I've commented before on the pigmentation of lettuce grown under the different low tunnel treatments.  Those little seedlings have grown quite a bit in two weeks, but the pigmentation patterns continue.

I planted plugs in trays of soil on the 13th of February (on the left).  A week later the greens look fuller and many of the plugs have more leaves.

These pictures of arugula are also from the 13th and 20th of February, respectively.  In just a week the seedlings have gone from cotyledon stage to the true leaf stage.  

Today I am going to plant a few herbs to see how they grow in the tunnels.  I am thinking about dill, cilantro, parsley and basil.  Any other ideas?  What would you like me to try growing?

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