February 16, 2012

Why your mom told you to eat your greens

I believe a good diet is balanced.  That being said, the heap of fried seafood I helped consume yesterday totally upset that balance.   It was delicious but, for the next week or so I feel like I should only eat leafy green vegetables.  The kind I ate in giant bites as a kid in order to get them over with as fast as possible.

The kale I planted a month ago is now at the super cute puppy stage.

What makes greens so good for you?  Keeping me from being anemic and getting scurvy where the vague reasons in my head.  Once again I turned to myplate.gov and their "food-a-pedia." This gave me so much information that I have to think about it in small bits.  I chose to compare the greens I am using in the germination trials, as well as my two favorite cooking greens.  (Arugula is a substitute for mizuna because myplate didn't have any information about mizuna.)

data for this graph came from myplate.gov

First nutrient up is folate.  I didn't know what this was, possibly because it isn't on most nutrion labels.  It is one of the B vitamins and awfully important because it helps make and repair your DNA!  In my greens comparison collards were the clear winner for amount of folate per serving.  Interestingly, kale contains the lowest amount.

Of course, folate isn't the only reason greens are good for you.  In the future I'll look at calcium, vitamin C & A, and potassium.

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