April 11, 2012

plant profile: cressida

I found cressida in the Johnny's catalogue and wanted to try it out because it looked so pretty.  It is also "typically grown indoors in flats or soilless culture" which is exactly my situation.  I planted it three weeks ago in a warm 60 degree greenhouse so I could see what it was like asap.

Isn't it pretty!  "Peppergrass" is another name for it.  I tasted it as soon as the first leaves emerged and can say this green lives up to it's name.  The initial flavor isn't pepper-y, to me it takes a bit like green apple.  Then, after a moment there is a spicy flavor akin to arugula (but not exactly the same).   The little greens have brighten up my salads, but a full mouthfull of cressida is a bit too much so I use it sparingly.

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