April 20, 2012

Scarlett and Ruby

Meet Scarlett and Ruby, two of the mustard greens that are being measured and weighed during the next few weeks.  During the summer I hated harvesting this kind of green because they were always frilly, bolting and never amounted to very much.  

I thought these two greens would be pretty much the same thing: dark red frilly mustard greens.  But they are definitely not!  Scarlett Frills is darker with skinny leaves.  Ruby Streaks is reddish and bright green.  It's far 'frilly-er' (and I think prettier).


  1. And their taste... are they different?

    1. Maybe - They are both mildly mustard tasting, but I can't really taste a difference. If it were my garden I would plant one or the other, but not both. Later this week I think I'll do a whole taste test post since all of the greens are big enough.