April 26, 2012

What to do with all these greens!

From yesterday's picture you might have guessed that I have a lot of salad greens in my fridge right now.  A LOT.  Some nights all we eat is salad.  If you filled up a salad bowl with greens, grabbed a fork and dug in you would know how I feel.  I am certainly not complaining!  Just ready for some salad green diversity.  Yesterday I lucked out big time.  

Two days ago was harvest day for UNH study on growing cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets.  (I looked briefly online to see if there was anything written about this study - not yet it seems.)  So, for dinner I had: tomatoes, garlic, chopped mizuna and spinach all covered in olive oil on toast.  And there was cheese on top.  From the picture you can tell I'm not going to be a food blogger anytime soon.  It smelled too good to take a good picture.

What would you do with 'extra' salad greens?


  1. Oh it was! It was like summertime and a bit sloppy (which is how summertime foods should be!).